Removals & Personal Effects

We can send your belongings to most places in the world and we can move your items back to the UK if you are returning after a stay abroad.

Personal effects and household goods consignments come in many shapes and sizes and often with specific requirements, so it is a very good idea to call us to talk through what you are looking to do.

Just call 0800 454648 / 01273 466930 to discuss your needs.

However, in the meantime, here is a brief idea of what we can do for you. 

Option 1 - Airfreight / Courier Service
Option 2 – Groupage
Option 3 - Dedicated Shipping Container

If you are in a hurry to receive your belongings, or have a small amount of personal effects, we can collect your pre-packed boxes and deliver them to your new residence or the nearest airport.

If you do not have enough cargo to fill a shipping container, we can group your belongings together with other personal effects cargo and deliver door to door. We can collect your pre-packed boxes or collect and pack your items for you.

If you are moving the full contents of your house or flat, you may require a dedicated shipping container.  We can deliver the container to your residence, where you can load or we can supply the manpower to load and pack your items. The container can be delivered to your new residence or to the nearest port. Please click here to download our guidelines sheet for dedicated containers. 

Sending consignments to the UK

If you are sending your personal effects back to the UK from outside the EU you need to apply for a Transfer of Residence Number to avoid being charged with duty and VAT.

You can apply here.

Please note that your items must arrive up to 6 months before you arrive in the UK or a maximum of 12 months after you arrive.  Otherwise, your consignment will be subject to duty and VAT, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Sending consignments to the USA

If you are sending a consignment of personal effects to the USA by sea freight, you will need to complete the USA customs clearance documents, which comprise of the Power of Attorney, Customs form 3299 and Treasury Department Supplemental Declaration.  You can find these forms by clicking here.


We are able to offer insurance cover for your consignment through Lloyds of London.  Please speak to us about your requirements and we will discuss the available cover with you.

Important things to remember

Box quality

If you are packing your own personal effects, please remember to use boxes that are suitable for the journey.  The boxes must be at least double walled, preferably triple walled.

Box size

Whichever means of transport you use, your consignment will be handled on several occasions.  Please ensure that your boxes are not too big to pick up and that they are not too heavy.  If your boxes are too heavy, they will be stressed when moved and you run the risk of having them split.  You will not be charged on the number of boxes.  You will be charged on the overall weight and volume of the consignment.

Packing List

We will need a list of the contents of your consignment.  This is important for customs clearance and for us to check that there are no restricted items in your consignment.

We will need to know the items in your consignment, not the number of each item.  So, we need to know ‘used clothes’ not ‘3 pairs of used socks, 5 used shirts, 5 pairs of used shoes’.

Consignment markings

If you are packing your own consignment, please ensure that you mark each of the pieces with the destination address and ‘1 of the total number of boxes’, ‘2 of the total number of boxes’ and so on.

Restricted items

The list of restricted items is extensive and many restricted items appear the image you can see by clicking here

If you have any doubts or questions, please let us know.

Many countries are also unable to accept foodstuffs and alcohol. 

Please be careful when it comes to cosmetic products, as many of them are flammable.

It is your responsibility not to pack restricted items and to inform us if you have anything that you think may be considered as hazardous.

Please email for further information or call 0800 454648

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